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Have you ever dreamt of flying on water? 

Well now you can...and right here in Águilas!! AQUAJET SKI have brought the Flyboard to you. 

What is a Flyboard? 

Invented in 2012 by Frenchman Franky Zapata, the RUN F1 World Champion, the Flyboard is a type of water jetpack.   

The Flyboard is connected to the propulsion element of a Jet Ski through a 15 metre long hose. When the Jet Ski is revved, water is forced through the hose causing thrust and raising the Flyboard rider out of the water. Through body movement the rider of the Flyboard is able to direct the thrust of the water and move around as if they were flying. Front flips, back flips, jump like a dolphin - all are possible on the Flyboard. 

Where can I Flyboard? 

AQUAJET SKI, offers you the chance to have a go and enjoy the unique experience of the Flyboard right here in Águilas. We are located on the beach next to La Casica Verde by the Hotel Puerto Juan Montiel. 

What do I need to Flyboard? 

Yourself and a t-shirt you don't mind getting wet - life jackets love to rub on wet skin and can cause irritations. 

AQUAJET SKI will provide a life jacket and a helmet, as well as the personal and exclusive attention of our instructors. 


50€ - 15 minutes 
60€ - 20 minutes 
100€ - 15 minutes of Flyboard (per person) + 30 minutes of Jet Ski (for two person) 

If you want to try the Flyboard please contact us on 636 13 71 65.


Jet Ski

Motos de agua Aguilas Murcia

AQUAJET SKI also offer Jet Ski hire. 

Whether you want to blast round our circuit set in 540,000 square metres of sea or take a guided cruise along our beautiful coast line, we can make it happen. 

To arrange your Jet Ski hire please contact is on 636 13 71 65. 

Hold on strong and get ready for speed!!




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